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Loneworker Applications
Lone Worker equipment can be utilised in any situation where a worker is alone and isolated to give peace of mind to operators and workers alike. A selection of some of the places our system is being used is given below.
  • Operator in a shot blasting booth.
  • Technician in a dark room.
  • Boiler house operator.
  • Laboratory technicians and scientist with system monitored either in main reception or by colleagues close by.
  • Lone warehouse personnel using forklifts, monitored in the main factory production area.
  • Warehouse personnel working in a freezer, monitored by colleagues outside.
  • Operators in isolated areas of a factory, monitored in security/reception and team leader paged in an emergency.
  • Computer call centre operator working at weekend.
  • Lone security guard patrolling sites with a link back to a central monitoring station, security company contacted in an emergency.
  • Security guards on patrol around a site, with the system monitored by colleagues in the security lodge.
  • Single operator on a water treatment works, using the customer's own radio telemetry to link back to their control room.
  • Single operator working in a hydro-electric power station with an auto dialler link to other sites.
  • Maintenance workers routinely working alone with the system monitored in the security lodge.
  • Maintenance workers called in out-of-hours, monitored by central station and colleagues contacted in an emergency.
  • Driver of a digger in a quarry/landfill site, colleagues paged in an emergency.
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