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The Transmitter
Intelligent pause facility
This is a unique feature that allows the user to stretch out the no motion time during breaks or other periods of minimal activity. The pause time may be cancelled by pressing the pause button, or may (if so programmed) be cancelled automatically as an increased level of activity is detected. The level of activity required to reset the pause feature is also programmable.
Test Calls
The transmitters can be programmed to send test calls at regular intervals. Transmitter low battery signals and missed test calls will be displayed on the control panel. With test calls selected, transmitters will log on and off the system when placed in and removed from the charger bay.
Remote Reset.
The transmitters can be programmed to reset the control panel remotely if required. Only the transmitter that triggered the panel can reset the panel. This is a useful option for sites which are truly one man operated.
Motion Sensor.
Programmable, with programmable pre warning times. A choice of motion sensing or motion sensing combined with a tilt switch for automatic operation. The pause function is not available with the tilt switch option.
Loud Pre-Alarm.
The on board sounder serves as a pre warning device and a location sounder during any alarm condition. Once in full alarm it is latched on until reset.
Rechargeable Long Life Battery.
On a full charge, the transmitter has been designed to run for a 12 hour shift during normal use, with 50 % of the battery life remaining. Low battery is indicated on the transmitter and will be communicated to the panel, (even if test calls are not programmed), as part of the next transmission.
Personal Attack Button.
The alarm may also be raised immediately by the user by pressing the PA button. This remains active when automatic operation functions such as motion sensing are in use.
Dual Reset Buttons.
The transmitter, and where programmed the panel, may be reset by pressing these buttons simultaneously.
Receiver Panels
Signal Strength Meter.
All the panels have a built in signal strength meter which enables the user to monitor the performance of their transmitters.
Test Call Monitoring from transmitter.
The panels may be programmed to monitor test calls from each transmitter on the system. Missed test calls are indicated by an audio visual alarm with the offending transmitter being individually identified.
Mains Fail Indication and relay output
An audio visual alarm is provided to warn of mains failure.
Individual transmitter alarm and fault indication.
Alarms from Lone worker transmitters are individually identified. Low battery signals from transmitters are individually identified. Missed test calls from transmitters are individually identified.

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