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Senflow Lone Worker equipment includes:
* Exceptionally robust IP55
* Motion sensor
* Latched audible on alarm
* Intelligent pause facility
* Panic button
* Status indication
* Dual reset buttons
* Test calls (optional)
* Remote reset
* Rechargeable Long life battery
* Drop-in charger
* Loud pre-alarm
* Swivel belt clip
* Repeater available for large site coverage
Receiver Panels
* Mains power supply and battery charge facility
* Mains fail indication and relay output
* Test call monitoring from transmitter
* Low battery indicator
* Four assignable relays with programmable time delays
* Multi-channel expandable
* Individual transmitter alarm and fault indication
* Individual channel relay output (optional)
* Mute alarm, fault accept and reset buttons
* Signal strength meter
* Aerial options
* Multi-channel receiver (optional)
Other Outputs
Individual Relays
These can be provided as instant change over or time delayed outputs for driving other auxiliary devices such as:
# Pagers
# Safety Shutdown circuits
# Beacons
# External sounders
# Auto diallers
Digital Communicators
All of the panels have been designed to accommodate a digital communicator which can communicate alarms to a remote Central Station via a phone line. These Central Stations are monitored 24 hours a day and their staff will contact those people who are nominated to respond.
Latest development:
This new development in lone worker protection works in conjunction with the existing lone worker system transmitters to give a specific location of a worker when his or her transmitter is triggered to send a distress signal. This enables operators to locate the worker faster and more efficiently.

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